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Health Body Wellness Services offered by BioSkin Clinic


In our clinic, you will experience that our facials are designed with the right skin expertise for every unique skin need. We put in-depth thought behind every facial. Keeping in mind different skin types and its needs, we design the right steps and techniques that work effectively without interfering with your experience of having a perfect facial. Since the skin is very sensitive, we make sure that all our facials are performed in the most hygienic environments by our trained beauty therapists..


It is believed that all the healing powers for any kind of physical/mental issue can be found in nature. It becomes a reality when BioSkin care combines the earthiness of these essential elements and a massage therapy into an Aromatherapy Massage. The use of certain essential oils on your body through a massage would help your body heal and rejuvenate. Each essential oil holds a healing power and together they do wonders to your body. Aromatherapy Massage uses multi-nerve easing techniques to pamper your body and help your mind feel at ease. In this journey of undergoing a healing Aromatherapy Massage, our professional therapists will bring out the best in you.

Body Treatments

there’s a day spa body treatment for every man and woman. our guest advisors can help you select which of our body therapies is best for your needs! they are each designed to help detox, rehydrate and re-mineralize your skin for total body rejuvenation.

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